What is Ehaatbd.com?

Ehaatbd.com  is an online marketplace  e-commerce platform where various reputable companies in Bangladesh display their products. Basically, all new products are available in Ehaatbd.com so different companies display their products, it is possible to buy products at a lower price through comparative analysis of the prices of the products.

Is Ehaatbd.com different from other e-commerce markets?

Yes Ehaatbd.com is different from other e-commerce markets. Because Ehaatbd.com only shows new products to customers. Without any company, no person is allowed to display products in Ehaatbd. Each company is allowed to display products by verifying their showroom or office address. So there is no possibility that the customers of the Ehaatbd.com be deceived.

How can I purchase product from Ehaatbd.com?

Details of each product are given at Ehaatbd.com. At the same time the company name, address and phone numbers are given. You can easily contact the company and purchase the product.

What is the way to purchase Ehaatbd.com products from outside of Dhaka?

Almost all Ehaatbd.com companies deliver products through courier services outside of Dhaka. In this case, you have a detailed discussion with the specific product dealer company.