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রেডি মেড শার্ট কেনার সময় আমরা সাইজ মেজারমেন্ট নিয়ে অনেক সমস্যায় পরে থাকি |ইহাট বিডি এর পক্ষথেকে  সেই সমস্যা গুলোকে সমাধানের লক্ষ্যে নিচের ভিডিওটি এবং আলোচনা সমূহ আপনাদের সমস্যাগুলো থেকে মুক্তি দিবে আশা করছি |

We usually face various size measurement-related problems or difficulties while buying readymade shirts from online shopping stores or retail stores, especially in Bangladesh. A video, as well as a brief description, is given below as proper guidance or solution regarding the problems associated with the readymade shirt size measurement problems on the behalf of Ehaat bd.

Basic Shirt Sizes (inch)

Size Specifications
Small=S s (chest- 37, Length-28)
Medium=M m (chest- 39, Length-28.5)
Large =L L (chest- 41, Length-29)
Extra Large=XL xl (chest- 43, Length-29.5)


Basic Shirt Size US (inch)

XXS 32 24*
XS 35 27
S 38 28
M 41 29
L 44 30
XL 48 31
2XL 52 32
3XL 56 33


Basic Shirt Size European (inch)


XXS 32 23*
XS 35 25*
S 37 27
M 39 28
L 41 29
XL 44 30
2XL 47 31
3XL 49 32


Basic Regular Fit Shirt Size European (inch)

Size Specifications
Small=S=P S=p (chest- 42, Length-28.5)
Medium=M=M M =m (chest- 44, Length-29.5)
Large =L=G L=g (chest- 46, Length-30.5)
Extra Large=XL=GG XL =gg (chest- 48, Length-31.5)

*Shirt Size may vary slightly due to Brand Preferences and Target Market

*Always read the Shirt Size Description Before Buying

*For measuring the size of a shirt (to know about your own preferred shirt size or compare the shirt size) take the measurement on a flat surface


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